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  • No fixed term contracts
  • Regular, detailed and informed feedback
  • Listen and advise you in your best interests
  • Negotiate with integrity and honesty
  • Bring added value to you at every stage
  • Have a detailed & up to date knowledge of the local market
  • Dedicated Sales Progressor for every sale



  • Global advertising with particular focus on London and the South 
  • Marketing designed and targeted to buyer profiles
  • Professional photography including aerial shots and floor plans
  • “Featured Property” and “Premium Listings” on Rightmove
  • Accompanied viewings with skilled negotiators

Professional photography

We employ a professional in house specialist photographer to take the marketing photographs of your property. We invest in this aspect of the marketing because we know that the best images will attract the maximum interest. The more website hits we can generate the more potential buyers we can interest in your property and more enquiries will likely lead to a higher price achieved.

Our photographers will take a variety of photographs. Where appropriate, they will take an elevated picture of the front of your property. This image is critical and many properties will present far better when taken from a downward-angled shot. They will take full room images; will focus on a range of micro detail and will include both black and white as well as colour photographs. From these, we will select the very best and will periodically review, update and change the order of the photographs to ensure that the marketing is kept fresh.

All this is critical because we know that over 90% of potential buyers will come through the Internet. Here they can see hundreds of properties being advertised in any one area so it is imperative that your property stands out from the rest. Even the best property can be down valued by poor marketing.

Proactive marketing

Many estate agents claim that the majority of their buyers come from their database. Although historically this was true, this is not the case today. Detailed analysis shows that most people are alerted when a property is launched online. We know that first impressions are critical and so pay particular attention to how our property is presented. This ensures we generate the maximum interest from potential buyers.

Having said this, we do not underestimate the importance of keeping and maintaining a database of current buyers. We are contacted by thousands of people a year looking to move who register their details with us. We may talk to these people over the period of weeks, months or, in some cases, years. Because of the investment we have made in our technology, we are able to email them full colour brochures of all property. In the last year we estimate that 4.3% of all property that we sold was to buyers registered with us. When you instruct us to sell your property it is our contention that your expectation is that we spend the majority of our time and resources on the channel most likely to produce a result. This is why we unashamedly invest our resources into online marketing. We employ all the tools we can to ensure that any property advertised by us stands out thereby generating maximum interest.

Once our in-house professional photographer has taken the pictures, our entire sales teams will profile who, they think will buy your property. This will determine the language that they use to describe the property and the emphasis that they put on its key selling points. Once we launch the marketing, we then constantly monitor the click through rates . If we are not generating the sort of interest that we would expect then we change the profile of the buyer we are trying to attract. 

We monitor all new property that comes onto the market with sophisticated analytical tools and ensure that appropriate vendors see your property. Our reasoning is that new vendors are also going to be new buyers. We don’t wait for them to find your property but send it out to them.

Online marketing will attract the vast majority of buyers but we also ensure that your property has maximum local exposure. We produce brochures for all our properties that can be downloaded from the Internet or collected from our town and city centre premises. Our window displays are studio designed to attract maximum interest.

Additional tools

A presence on the major property portals is a must and we know that the majority of properties that we have sold were from fresh enquiries made via our website or one of the major property portals. As a result, making your property stand out from the crowd is vital in order to gain those enquiries and to make sure your property is not overlooked by any potential buyers.

We want to provide you with value for money. We do not think that we should charge extra for employing tools we believe are critical for the quality marketing of your property. For this reason our service includes, as part of our package, professional photography, floor plans as well as making your property a featured property and premium listing on Rightmove.

30% more people click through to the details of a property that has a floor plan. A floor plan will provide the buyer with an exact picture of the layout, room sizes and is a useful way to visualise how they could improve or live in the property. Despite the fact it is estimated that only 50% of the properties on the market include a floor plan, we have seen them become a valuable viewing tool rated second only to photographs.

40% more people click through to the details of a property that is a featured property. By including your property as part of a featured property rotation on Rightmove it will be guaranteed to appear at the top of a relevant search results page as well as in the main listing. Larger photos and a prominent, highlighted box will grab buyers attention.

35% more people click through to view the details of a property that is a premium listing. We will make sure your property appears as a premium listing on Rightmove for the duration of the marketing. This will mean that your property appears in a larger, highlighted, silver box in the search results. More photos can be viewed on the search results pages and we can use an attention grabbing red sticker to further highlight your property.

Contracts and regulation

We know that trust has to be at the heart of any relationship and that involves being scrupulously honest, giving best advice, doing what you say you are going to do and having meticulous attention to detail – not qualities necessarily associated with estate agents. We believe that at the heart of what is wrong with our industry is the concept of a fixed term sole agency contract. It is our contention that this encourages agents to promise the world to get the instruction on and then be complacent, safe in the knowledge that their client is bound to them for an average of 4-5 months, sometimes more.

We do not tie our clients into any such contract. In the unlikely event that you are not entirely satisfied with our performance you can dis-instruct us immediately with no penalties. We believe that the quality of our service should be the reason you remain loyal to us not that you have no choice.
Should you choose to instruct us to act as a joint or multi agent we will not increase our fee. Again, we see this as an attempt by other agents to put pressure on you to stay with your original agreement even if the promises that were made have not been kept. We do believe that it is not in your best interests to have multiple agents marketing your property as it gives potential buyers greater scope to negotiate a reduction in the price. However, we would like you to make an active choice to use us as a sole agent rather than making it financially difficult not to.
We are members of The Property Ombudsman and choose to follow their strict code of practice. The Property Ombudsman is an independent dispute resolution service that will ascertain a fair and reasonable judgment of any complaint. The result is that we are very aware of and accountable for our advice and actions we take on your behalf. As our client we will always ensure we are doing what is in your best interest. 

Independent agent

Independent agents are usually recognised for their commitment to an individual and personal approach. We recognise that our staff are our most valuable asset and do our best to create an environment where they can flourish. In this way we are able to provide you with highly motivated people who take a real pride in their work.

We focus on selling your property, not selling you additional services to maximise our income stream. We know that by delivering excellent customer service with a commitment to providing our clients with best advice we will grow by recommendation.

In the past there was a definite advantage in putting your property with a large national network of agencies, as they would achieve a greater spread of advertising through their branches. The Internet has radically changed the nature of how potential buyers search for property and given us all the ability to advertise on a global basis. We believe that whether buying or selling a property what customers value is the local knowledge and attention to detail that a proprietor led independent chain will bring.

Team effort

Our Sales Manager will be responsible for the entire process from marketing to exchange and completion with the help of the team who will consist of professional photographers; registered EPC and floor plan clerks; our in-house marketing specialists; senior negotiators and finally one of our progressors.

We know that to do this job well it is critical that we use the best people and focus their skills to achieve our shared goal – to sell your house. We ensure that all our negotiators view your property so that they are then in a position to talk about it confidently with any prospective buyer and generate viewings from genuinely interested parties. We accompany all viewings where possible. We believe this should be part of our service but also know that it is often easier for us to show a prospective buyer round than it is for you. We do not have the personal attachment to the property and so, hopefully, can avoid any awkwardness the buyer may feel.

We understand how stressful the sales process can be and are committed to reducing that stress as much as we can. One of the ways that we can do that is to ensure that you are fully informed of developments at every stage. We will give you feedback on every viewing and contact you weekly to discuss general strategy and whether anything needs to be changed to enhance the potential of a successful sale.

Once an offer is agreed, the sale will be overseen by one of our Sales Progressors. We consider this a critical part of the process and know that many sales have fallen through as a result of poor progression. We will establish the number of related sales and endeavour to get contact details of all the legal representatives in the chain so that we can ensure that no sale is being held up unnecessarily. Again, at every point we will keep you informed of any issue and the progress of the sale.

Financial and legal

Our focus is to sell your property and we do not believe that it is ethical for us to supply either in-house financial or legal products. We believe this potentially results in a conflict of interest and prefer to work in association with independent conveyancers and mortgage brokers hand picked by us for the range of products that they can supply; how competitive they are and for their excellent customer service. In this way we can provide you with a complete service without compromise.

If you require a mortgage for your purchase we would urge you to compare the products available. There is a huge range of financial products on the market at the moment with huge discrepancies in their final cost. An independent mortgage broker will have a much larger range of products available to them than say a bank or a building society who is restricted to their own products. We have saved our clients thousands of pounds by encouraging them to explore the market early in the process. All the companies that we work with will supply a no obligation quote.

We would also urge you to use a specialist conveyancer rather than a general solicitor. Conveyancing is essentially an administration process that requires exact attention to detail and, in our experience, is best undertaken by professionals who specialise.

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