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What is a maintenance emergency?

The following events are deemed maintenance emergencies:-

  • Complete failure of the heating and/or hot water system during winter (October-April)
  • Complete loss of water or gas supply (you need to check with relevant authority/supplier that the problem is not caused by a temporary supply interruption)
  • A water leak that cannot be contained or is penetrating an electrical fitting or causing damage to another property
  • Gas leak (you should also call out your gas supplier who will isolate the leak) In the event that you cannot contact your supplier call Transco immediately on 0800 111999. They offer a 24/7 service.
  • Loss of electricity supply. You must check first with your supplier to check whether there has been an interruption, such as a local power failure, to the supply. This will only be considered an emergency situation if there is a complete loss of power to the entire unit which cannot be rectified by resetting the trip switch on the consumer unit.