Preparing your property for marketing

The photographs are usually the first impression a potential buyer will have of your home, so showing it in its best light is essential.  We employ experienced, in-house professional photographers who will take the time required to make your home stand out from the crowd. 

Ultimately we are inviting someone else to imagine living in your home. In our experience they find this much easier to do if the property is clean and there is a minimum of personal possessions on show. By presenting as blank a canvas as possible, they can imagine the space furnished with their possessions.

Here’s some things to consider when preparing your home to be photographed. Let’s start with some general tips that can be applied throughout the home:

•  Deep clean - Clean windows, vacuum, polish surfaces, dusting etc.

•  Declutter - Minimise cables, paperwork, pet bowls & beds, children’s toys.

•  Let there be light - Open blinds & curtains and replace dead light bulbs.

•  Start the fire - It's worth considering lighting a log burner or feature fireplace if you have one. Our photographers often capture close-up shots of them.

•  Touch ups - Now is a good time to do those small DIY jobs, such as paint touch ups or fixing a broken door handle.

•  Depersonalize - If you have specific belongings that you don't want shown, please remove them. If this is not possible, please speak to the photographer as they may be able to blur part of the image.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at particular areas of the home. Remember these are just things to consider, these suggestions won’t apply to every property.



•  Keep plenty of space free on work surfaces, appliances such as kettles and toasters can stay.

•  Neatly organise washing up liquid & soap.

•  Remove tea towels, fridge magnets, dish drainers and bins.

•  Ensure food & drink in branded packaging, such as cereals are not on display.



•  The bed is the focal point of the room, ensure the sheets look fresh and plump the pillows.

•  Consider accessorising the bedside tables, perhaps with a lamp, book or small picture frame.

•  Ensure wardrobe doors and drawers can close fully.



•  Hide spare toilet rolls, cleaning products, toiletries, spare toilet rolls, bath toys etc.

•  Consider adding a few accessories, such as a stylish soap dispenser to the sink.

•  Consider if your towel rail looks better or worse with towels on it. Maybe take a photo on your phone to help you decide what looks better.



•  Hide bins (these could be stored at the side of the house or in the garage) 

•  It’s best to remove cars from the driveway for external photos. (This can be done once the photographer has arrived)

•  Remove covers on garden furniture and open up parasols

•  Have a general tidy up, mow the lawn, trim hedges etc.

Many of these suggestions will also be worthwhile for viewings. Please speak to a member of the team if you would like further advice.