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Preparing your property for marketing

The purpose of this guide is to ensure you have all the information you need to show your property in the best possible light. We use professional in-house photographers who have been trained to get images that will appeal to the maximum number of potential buyers. The idea is to paint a realistic portrayal of your property while, at the same time, enhancing all its best features.

Ultimately we are inviting someone else to imagine living in your home. In our experience they find this much easier to do if the property is clean and there is a minimum of personal possessions on show. By presenting as blank a canvas as possible, they can imagine the space furnished with their possessions.

The following requires particular attention:


  • Clear all surfaces as much as possible
  • Open blinds and curtains 
  • Replace any dead light bulbs
  • Remove pet beds, food and water bowls 
  • Hide or tidy children’s toys, play mats etc 
  • Remove any drying clothes
  • Try to keep floor space clear to give a better sense of space
  • Where possible, hide chargers and electronic cables


  • Ensure floors are clear and all beds made
  • Clear all surfaces
  • Ensure wardrobe doors and chest of draws are fully closed


  • Clear down surfaces as much as possible
  • Remove tea towels, any fridge magnets dish drainer and bin
  • Remove cereal boxes and drink bottles etc. from counter tops


  • Remove spare toilet rolls, cleaning products and towels
  • Remove cleaning items and toiletries
  • Remove children’s bath toys


  • Hide bins (these could be stored at the side of the house or in the garage) 
  • Move any vehicles from the driveway 
  • Remove covers on garden furniture 

If only there was an agent who actually delivers what they promise!


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