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Sandersons UK aims to provide the very highest standards in customer care. We have expanded over the years largely due to recommendation and we believe this is a reflection of our attitude to our clients. We feel to fully protect our client’s interests it is essential that they have redress to a professional body whose judgment, in the unlikely event of a dispute, we accept. It is for this reason that we are not only members of The Property Ombudsman Scheme but have signed up to comply with their standards for best practice for our lettings, sales and commercial departments. This is a voluntary scheme and we hope is testament to our genuine commitment to excellence.

We hope that our complaints procedure will resolve any dispute without the need for you to contact The Property Ombudsman. Please note that the Ombudsman will not investigate your complaint before you have completed our complaints procedure, and received a letter from us giving our final response.

This page shows the steps in our complaints procedure. At every stage we promise to listen, to do everything we can to resolve your problem and to make sure you're happy with the way we do it.

Our Complaints Procedure

1. If you have a problem relating to Sandersons UK, please discuss this with one of our branch staff. Our aim is to deal with your problem sympathetically, fairly and quickly.

2. If you feel that the matter is not being resolved to your satisfaction, please ask to speak to the direct Line Manager of the staff member dealing with your enquiry. The Manager will try to resolve the matter on the day you raise your complaint, although whether this is possible will, of course, depend on the nature of the complaint.

3. If the response by the Manager does not resolve the matter to your satisfaction please write to the Head of Department your query relates to. This can be sent to our head office at 26a Castle Street, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 2PU or by email to 

4. A letter of acknowledgement will be sent to you within 3 working days. This will set out our understanding of your complaint and give an undertaking of when we will be able to reply in greater detail. Our response should always be within 14 working days of our acknowlegement letter.

5. You may also be asked for additional information if this is required to assist resolving the matter. A formal written outcome of this investigation will be sent to you within 15 working days.

6. If your problem has still not been resolved you are entitled to a final review with our Leadership Team. Please write to Leadership Team, 26a Castle Street, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 2PU or email Your letter should state why you are still dissatisfied and what further action you wish Sandersons UK to take to fully resolve your complaint. Your case will be fully investigated as quickly as possible. In all but exceptional cases, by the end of eight weeks following receipt of your complaint, Sandersons UK will have given you its final response by letter. The Property Ombudsman Consumer Guide will accompany this.

7. If you are still not satisfied with the steps taken by Sandersons UK, you can write to: The Property Ombudsman Ltd, Milford House, 43-55 Milford Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 2BP (Telephone: (01722) 333306 or

8. The Property Ombudsman will consider your complaint, taking in to account any points made by you and Sandersons UK. The Ombudsman may, however, refuse to investigate a complaint where your issue refers to something that happened more than 12 months before you complained in writing to the Member Agency, or you referred your complaint to the Ombudsman more than 12 months after you received the Member Agency’s final offer of settlement or answer.

9. The Ombudsman’s Office may try to settle the dispute by agreement between you and Sandersons UK. If this is unsuccessful, the Ombudsman will consider all the relevant factors and make a decision according to what he believes to be fair in all the circumstances.

The Ombudsman will send his decision to you and Sandersons UK. You can accept or reject his decision. If you reject the Ombudsman’s decision, it will lapse and you are free to do as you wish. If you wish to take legal action, you can do so. Your legal rights will not have been affected by the Ombudsman’s decision.

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