Why rent with Sandersons?

Agents recently have suffered some extremely bad press – in some cases, undoubtedly, with justification. There are some horror stories of how tenants have been treated by both unscrupulous landlords and agents that give the industry a bad name. However, it is the minority that spoil it for those of us who take our responsibilities extremely seriously and have a strong desire to not only aspire to best practice but to exceed it.

We started trading over 20 years ago as a specialist letting agent. One of our principle drivers was to remove the stigma that tenants suffered. Back then you would go into an estate agent to rent a property only to be sent into a back room with indifferent staff who treated you as a second-class citizen. We have believed, from our inception, that the rental sector can provide quality accommodation that enables tenants to live in places they couldn’t necessarily afford to buy with the added advantages of not being responsible for the maintenance. On top of this if their circumstance change they can move easily without being caught in a chain. We still believe this today and will only represent clients (our landlords) who believe in the same progressive vision we have.

So why be a Sandersons’ tenant?

  • We believe in the benefits and flexibility the rental sector can offer to tenants
  • We understand that this is not just a property - this is your home.
  • We are completely transparent in our dealings with you
  • We have a dedicated property management team on call for you
  • We have a 24/7 online system for you to report any maintenance issues – this protects your interests and ensures prompt and efficient management
  • We employ third party inventory and property inspection clerks ensuring objectivity
  • We are voluntary members of a Client Money Protection (CMP) scheme to protect our client's monies
  • We make sure you receive recognition on your credit history for making payments on time, thus creating more lending opportunities for the future
  • We do everything in our power to ensure you get 100% of your deposit returned to you
  • We can reduce the stress of waiting for references and confirmation your application has been successful with our same day referencing solution

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Further information for tenants:

Moving checklist

24/7 maintenance reporting

Tenancy deposit scheme 

Tenant fee schedule

Glossary of terms