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Landlord letting charges


Please find below a complete list of our landlord fees. Please do not hesitate to contact your local office if you have any queries

Letting fee

   3 weeks rent + VAT

Tenancy execution charge

  £300 (inc. VAT)
Inventory & check in  

£180 (inc VAT)

Deposit registration charge 

  £36 (inc.VAT) (unless tenant opted for Nil Deposit)

Tenant reference charge

  £66 (inc. VAT) per tenant

Fully managed service 


9% plus VAT (10.8%)

Rent collection service


7% plus VAT (8.4%)

Tenancy renewal   £180 (inc. VAT)
Check out charge   £180 (inc.VAT)

*Student fees may vary

Additional charges

Enhanced photography charge (optional)


£150 + VAT (£180)

EPC (if required)


£75 + VAT (£90)

End of year statement for tax (optional)


£30 + VAT (£36)

Rent and legal protection cover (rent up to £700pcm) 


£18 per month (£15 + VAT)

Rent and legal protection cover (rent £701pcm - £1000pcm) 


£21 per month (£17.50 + VAT)

Rent and legal protection cover (rent £1,001pcm - £1,350pcm)    £24 per month (£20 + VAT)
Rent and legal protection cover (rent £1,351pcm - £2,000pcm)    £30 per month (£25 + VAT)
Rent and legal protection cover (rent £2,001pcm - £2,500pcm)    £36 per month (£30 + VAT)
NEW policies from 01/06/2020    3% + VAT of monthly rent
(Price increase imposed by insurers due to increased levels of risk & claims post Covid-19)

Overseeing insurance works


10% plus VAT of invoiced works

Overseeing works outside tenancy


10% plus VAT of invoiced works

Void management 


£100 + VAT (£120) per month

Registration of deposit for non-managed properties


£60 + VAT (£72)

Negotiation of deposit for Rent Collection services


£50 per hour plus VAT (£60)

Tenant deposit dispute resolution (for ADR)


£50 per hour plus VAT (£60)

Mid term visit and report (non-managed property)


£80 plus VAT (£96)

Dispute mediation


£50 per hour plus VAT (£60)

Chasing late rent for non-managed property


£50 per hour plus VAT (£60)

Serving appropriate Section 21 notice


£150 plus VAT (£180)

Serving Section 8 notice


£150 plus VAT (£180)

Serving Section 13 notice


£100 plus VAT (£120)

Serving Abandonment notice


£95 plus VAT (£114) (Includes visit to the property)

Sale of property to tenant introduced by Sandersons


1% of sale price + VAT

Landlord withdrawing from let after offer accepted


£350 + VAT (£420) or 2 weeks rent + VAT (the greater)

Key cutting service


£3.00 + VAT (£3.60) + cost of cutting keys

Commission for taking payment by credit card


3% + VAT 

Purchase administration fee (buying goods on behalf of client)

    10% + VAT of cost of goods purchased. Minimum £5.00

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