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Why choose Sandersons?

No let no fee

We believe one of the problems in the industry is that landlords are bound to a letting contract before the agent is given the opportunity to deliver on those promises. Our concern is that this encourages agents to often over value the monthly rent on your property to get the instruction on and then be complacent, safe in the knowledge that their client is bound to them for a fixed period. We do not tie our clients into any such contract until we have demonstrated our ability to find you a suitable tenant you have approved.

100% rent and legal protection

Whilst we are confident with what we do to make sure we find you the right tenant and can vet their past, what we can’t do is predict what will happen in the future. Circumstances can change unexpectedly for anyone and put financial credibility in jeopardy, a situation we wish to avoid. If you are dependent on rent to cover the mortgage we would strongly recommend implementing a guarantee that you will receive your payment when expected and legal costs will be covered in the event of a breach of tenancy. Many insurance based schemes will commit you to an excess and a delay with receiving payment. Because we adhere to best practice and work to the highest standards set by the industry we are eligible to offer a more comprehensive level of cover. Should you enroll in the scheme we make a commitment to delivering you the rent on time and in full giving you full peace of mind on your property investment.


Finding you the right tenant

As you will have an on-going relationship with your tenant it is particularly important that we attract a tenant with the right qualities for you and your property. To achieve this, we would discuss with you and draw up a profile of the type of tenant that we are aiming for and market your property accordingly. This enables us to tailor the photographs and the description for that particular type of tenant. It is essential that it is eye catching yet representative as we aspire to giving tenants a feel for what it would be like to live in your property. As they will be committing to a legally binding contract it is important for them to determine the property is right for them. All prospective tenants would be further qualified during the referencing process that involves in-depth fiscal checks as well as verification of information they have provided. Landlord references will be obtained where available in addition to establishing an applicants Right to Rent in the UK. We believe that you need as much information as possible before make a decision to enter into a binding agreement with your prospective tenant.

Transparency and trust

We appreciate that every landlord we deal with will have different reasons for becoming a landlord; different size property portfolios and a varying level of knowledge around the legal complexities and the ever-changing regulations surrounding the letting market. We will be completely transparent with you regarding the costs that you as a landlord will incur for the service we provide. We want this to be a simple and straightforward relationship with no hidden extras. We charge a fully inclusive fee and, unlike other agents, we will not surprise you with additional costs for marketing; compiling tenancy agreements; property visits or any other hidden extras. There will be some choices for you to make and some legal obligations you have to fulfill but we will advise you fully on these. We look to work in association with our clients and deliver a service that is tailored to your requirements. We pride ourselves on having represented some of our clients for decades and know that trust and attention to detail has to be at the heart of those relationships.

Employ independent, professional inventory and inspection clerks

In the event of a dispute at the end of the tenancy regarding any monies deducted from the deposit, from our experience the arbitration board will find in favour of the tenant if the inventory has not been compiled independently. We employ an Accredited Member of the Licensed Inventory Scheme. Their inventories are extensively detailed, professionally displayed and incorporate room photos. We commission them to check the tenants in so that the inventories are mutually agreed at the beginning of the tenancy. The same company will conduct mid-tenancy property visits producing two reports. The first is to demonstrate to you how the property is being maintained and to provide you with recommendations on both the long and short term maintenance requirements to maintain your investment.  The second is to give your tenants feedback to ensure they are meeting their obligations under the tenancy with the further benefit of feedback to enable us to return their deposit at the end of the tenancy without deductions. In this way we ensure that your interests are fully protected in the event of a dispute after the same company conduct a check out inspection at the end of the tenancy.

Bespoke software with landlord log-ins

Although we will send you all statements and documentation during the course of the tenancy, we have found that it is more practical for our clients to store this information in one place. As a result, the software we have developed enables you to have a dedicated login with anytime access to statements and documents relating to your property.

24 hour tenants maintenance reporting system

Recent changes in legislation require that you have a comprehensive record of how and when maintenance issues have been reported and how they have been dealt with. In the event any tenancy termination notices served on the tenant are later challenged, our comprehensive reporting and management system provides no ambiguity.

Highly trained property management team

Property management is a highly skilled and complex process. It requires a considerable knowledge of an ever-changing playing field keeping abreast of legislation and judicial judgements that impact on practice. We invest heavily in ensuring that our property management team holds the latest qualifications and that the organisational tools they use are “state of the art”. We employ the services of independent suppliers in connection with the management of your property for various reasons - to meet your legal obligations; to ensure your interests are protected as far as possible; to maintain the property and to enhance the service we provide. All the suppliers we use have been handpicked by us to ensure that they meet the same operating standards that we do. We know that your asset has to be looked after to ensure maximum yield and we will do just that.

Implement an on-going program of training to ensure compliance

We recognise that our staff are our most valuable asset and do our best to create an environment where they can flourish. In this way we are able to provide you with highly motivated people who take a real pride in their work. We value industry knowledge and our teams undergo a constant programme of training and development.

A dedicated client accounting & credit control team

If you are using either of our managed services our Accounts Team would ensure your rents are collected and paid to you. They would chase rental payments promptly and by paying in arrears, can notify you if there is a problem before you are expecting to receive a payment. This is particularly beneficial if you are not part of the Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses scheme as it gives you time to make alternative provision and plan your finances before you would expect to receive payment from us. We would also serve any relevant notices in the correct way with the relevant prescribed information. You will be sent monthly statements by email and we can provide an income and expenditure report for your end of year accounts.

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