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Selling a tenanted property

There are particular challenges involved in selling a property that is currently tenanted. The considerations that have to be taken into account and the increased number of variables, to say nothing of the potential conflicts of interest, all make selling a tenanted property very much more complex that if the owner is resident.

Over the two decades that we have managed properties we have gained considerable experience in this field and now how a team that specialises in selling rental property. The private rental sector has grown significantly over the last few years and has seen the percentage of households rise from 12.7% in 2007 to a proximately 20% in 2016.

In our experience, the majority of estate agents do not like dealing with tenanted property as they then have to deal with a party who may have no particular interest in the sale. With our extensive experience in the rental sector and our recognition of the appeal of already tenanted property to potential investment buyers, we have actively sought to market potential investment property with considerable success, often achieving a seamless transfer of ownership with the tenant in situ.

The buy-to-let market did pause after the introduction of the increased stamp duty this April but the market seems to be recovering and we are getting an increased level of interest. We also have a number of investment buyers who are constantly looking to increase their portfolios. So if you are looking to sell investment property call us today

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