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No fixed term contract

We believe that at the heart of what is wrong with our industry is the concept of a "fixed term sole agency contract”. It is our contention this is entirely self-serving and nothing to do with the interest of our clients. It encourages agents to promise “the world”, to get your instruction. To do this they are inclined to over-value your property. They are then complacent, safe in the knowledge that you cannot get out of the contract for 16 weeks (or more). We do not tie our clients into any such contract. In the unlikely event that you are not entirely satisfied with our performance you can dis-instruct us with no penalties. We believe that you should remain with us because of the quality of the service we provide not because you have to.

Selling your home should be a team effort

We know that many of our competitors employ their staff on a minimum basic salary with individual bonuses. This approach inevitably results in internal team conflict, which is the antithesis of what is right for you as a client. The best approach is a team effort, which is why we pay our staff on what they achieve collectively. Our sales managers will oversee the entire process for you but the whole of our team will work together, each bringing their own specialist area of skill to the process to achieve our collective goal – the successful sale of your property. There are also benefits for us by adopting this approach – because our staff operate as a team, they enjoy their work more, stay with us longer and therefore bring added experience and collective intelligence to what they do.

The value we place on marketing

We know that the best marketing will attract the maximum number of potential buyers.  If we can get multiple interested parties we are very much more likely to deliver the best possible sale for you. With this in mind, we have invested heavily in understanding what the buyer needs to make a decision. Our marketing is built round this knowledge – a realistic description of the property, supportive, relevant images; floor plans and local area information. We profile who we think is going to buy your property and customise the marketing accordingly. If we don’t get the response we are expecting, we review our profile of the prospective buyer and change the marketing accordingly. By being more scientific in our approach we leave less to chance. 

Truth, trust and integrity

These are not often qualities associated with estate agents. However, these are principles that we were founded on. From our inception, we have striven to follow the very best practice and deliver the highest quality possible customer service. Selling any property, especially one that is your home, is incredibly stressful. It is our job to carry you through that process supporting you at every point of the way. We don’t ask for your trust we aim to earn it.

Constructive feedback throughout the process

We know that one of the principle criticisms of our industry is the lack of feedback. We ensure that we understand exactly what your expectations are with regards to feedback and we deliver exactly that. Some clients do not want to know about every viewing, especially if the feedback is negative, others want a detailed account of all the activity. We will customise our feedback accordingly but will give an absolute guarantee of a minimum of weekly contact if only to look at the overall market activity. It is critical to us that you have all the information you need to make the best possible decisions about your sale.

Clients not shareholders

Sandersons is an independently owned and run company that has traded for over two decades. We have the experience and the systems in place but are not loaded down with a top-heavy bureaucratic burden. Our directors are hands on and actively involved in the day-to-day running of the business. As a team we constantly review our practices and can adapt to a changing world quickly and efficiently. We exist to serve our clients not our shareholders.

Progression team

One of the ways that we really bring value to the sales process is through our active participation in the progression of the sale. You would be forgiven for thinking that once the sale has been agreed and passed over to the two party’s solicitors that would be the end of our involvement. Far from it. Across the industry an extraordinary number of sales fall through because of avoidable delays in the progression process. We work tirelessly and allocate considerable resources to ensure that all parties have all the information they need and that the sale is being progressed in a timely manner. We have an enviable record in getting sales through from offer to completion.

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